Supply Chain Management apprentice degree courses unveiled

Seeking to address the growing skills and management gap in the UK logistics sector, Leeds Trinity University, the Supply Chain Academy, and the Institute of Supply Chain Management, have jointly developed a new degree apprenticeship course.

Supply chains are a critical component of every business, and there is a general lack of awareness of the diversity of the roles and career paths available in the logistics sector, including apprenticeships.

Former CEO Skills for Logistics, Dr. Ross Moloney previously said: “Our research found the aging profile of workers in logistics is a real concern for businesses and creates an urgent need for employers to engage with schools in a new way.  Employers agree that they must consider a range of education models including University Technical Colleges to meet skills gaps.”

The scheme has been awarded a £500,000 development grant from the Higher Education Funding Council. Once approved, a degree apprenticeship qualification will combine university study alongside paid work, and offer a chartered standard for supply chain managers.

Robert Halfon, UK minister for skills and apprenticeships, said: “This multimillion-pound fund will allow universities and colleges to work with top employers to design high-quality degree apprenticeships that give people a ladder.”

The apprenticeship degree will cover skills in supply chain management, purchasing, procurement, risk management.

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