Outsourcing an executive search to solve recruitment woes

Is your inbound recruitment working now and then, but is not as successful as you’d like? Do you regularly step back and look at your recruitment strategy? It can be hard for companies to know how to best change ongoing practices and it can sometimes help to bring in an executive search recruitment team.

Outsourcing has long been viewed as a strategy reserved for big businesses, but technology has made it a more accessible tool for small businesses, who, through outsourcing, can now see a powerful impact on their growth and productivity.

So when can it be justified? Let’s start with lack of experience in recruitment teams. The skills required to attract, engage, and convert passive talent at an executive level are different from those used to recruit a manager or individual contributor. The main goal should be for the recruiter to form a partnership with the candidate, in which both the company and the candidates’ goals are achieved, which can be time consuming. An executive search could accommodate the wishes of both client and candidate being achieved, with innovative new thinking and ways of doing things.

The problem many recruiters face is a high turnover of staff, leaving them struggling with a heavy workload and trying to find a solution within the company. Firstly, there needs to be an exploration of which factors are contributing to the high turnover, and this can often be done with the help of an external search partner. If an objective third party interviews a person leaving an organisation, this person is more likely to feel comfortable sharing his or her reasons with them than with their former employer. By doing this, the executive search can find out if there are any recurring patterns and work towards a plan.

If inbound recruitment just isn’t quite cutting it and you’re not finding the right candidates, there might be glitches in your strategy that you haven’t been able to recognise. You could utilise an executive recruiter to help you work towards a solution, whether it be in your vetting process, marketing messaging or role portrayal. A fresh set of eyes could bring out the best in your business.

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