Job seekers spend on average £146 on every job interview

Research from totaljobs reveals that jobseekers are spending £1.44 billion a year on finding their dream job, yet a comparatively low amount of those people are not researching either the job role or the industry they’re applying for.

Totaljobs has made a radical decision to spend £1m on ad campaigns to find genuine jobseeker Jamie Mudle a job. Alongside the campaign the company are offering career advice, and want jobseekers and employers alike to follow Jamie on his quest for a good job that he actually wants.

So why are able, keen people finding jobseeking difficult? Jamie is enthusiastic, and has potential but needs help, as standing out is not always easy. Yet, at what cost is the average job seeker spending in order to stand out?

The research showed that on average, a job seeker spends £33 on a new outfit, £20 on new shoes, and £24 on transport. 28 percent shave, while a lesser 6 percent have a manicure, and 6 percent polish their shoes.

If on average each jobseeker is spending highs of £852 a year, it is interesting to find that 27 percent don’t even research the job that they’re applying for. 60 percent don’t update their CVs for each role, and 37 percent don’t research the industry. Poor preparation could cost even the most well-dressed applicant the role.

John Salt, Group Sales Director, totaljobs, said: “It’s concerning to see the amount of money that jobseekers are spending to get themselves noticed, when they are not preparing in some of the most basic, low cost, but effective ways they could be. Simple things like researching the role and the industry will obviously count for a lot at interview stage, as will the way jobseekers come across generally to their prospective employer in an interview.”

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