Get LinkedIn and connect to improve your career goals

For professionals who want to be headhunted and offered that lucrative executive position, it is essential that you have a LinkedIn account and it is important that your profile is up-to-date.

A recruiter will usually check out a person’s professional credentials on the social network to ensure they have the right skills and experience to fulfil the job. This is also the case when recruitment consultants are tasked with headhunting the right talent for clients.

It is an extensive process which involves comprehensive screening – this is where your LinkedIn profile could be a crucial factor to impress and decide if you are the right match to a company’s requirements.

Likewise it is a good idea to have testimonials and references from people you have worked with, this could make a difference to choose you instead of someone else.

It is also important that professionals get connected with fellow LinkedIn members, as the more connections you establish the more chance you could get headhunted by a company, or a connection.

This applies to people working across all sectors and industries – from IT, finance, marketing, construction managerial and executive positions.

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