A more powerful LinkedIn profile in three simple steps

Trying to increase your visibility among the executive search community? With over 396 million users, LinkedIn is one of the largest online professional networking services in the world. Knowing how to make your profile more powerful, and providing plenty of evidence that suggests you’re a top performer, could make the difference in whether or not you get your next job. Here’s our top tips to help you on the way to profile perfection:

1. Profile picture
As one of the first things industry specialists will see, your profile picture is crucial. If you don’t have a profile picture, you are 14 times less likely to be viewed. A photo of you and your dog, or you on holiday with cocktail in hand, could cause many recruiters to turn away instantly. However people do want to see you, so you need to find a photo that encapsulates your personality yet still looks professional. When taking or selecting your photo, you should make sure that the photo includes your head and shoulders, and is squared.

2. Keywords
The key to visibility on your LinkedIn profile is the use of keywords. If you want recruiters, hiring professionals and future employees to be able to find you, keywords will help you to appear in search results. On that note, make sure that your profile is public, or your keywords will cease to travel far. In your headline, you have a 120 character limit in which you can incorporate lots of industry/function specific keywords.

3. Summary
Your summary is a great platform for employers to find out everything they need to know about you in a nutshell. It is your chance to stamp your personality on to your page, and show your ability to summarise. LinkedIn allows you up to 2000 characters to share your career highlights, skills, and contact information. If you want to get those all-important keywords in but don’t want it to sound too forced, you can add a list such as ‘Key Skills & Experience’ at the end of your summary.

With LinkedIn listing approximately three million jobs, and being used by 87 per cent of recruiters, it’s an opportune time to get noticed, get connected, and to further your own personal brand.

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