4 simple steps that will make job searching easier

Millions of people are struggling with their job search right now. If you are in that pool, or are about to jump in, here are four top tips to help you be the best candidate you can be, and keep rejection at bay:


  • Perfect your CV –

When it comes to typos and grammatical errors on your CV, they serve to make you look unprofessional and inefficient. These are two major traits that might be the difference between getting your new job or not. Proofread it with extreme prejudice, and then when you feel it is flawless, appoint a third party to look over it, too.

Ensure your CV is up to date and paints you in a fantastic light. However no matter how well-rounded your CV may be, avoid sending the same CV for every new job. Every job is different, and if you want to be noticed, making your CV as personalised as possible is the key.


  • Prepare for each interview –

If you have got yourself an interview – congratulations, you are half way there. Now it is time to get prepared and make it impossible for them to refuse you. Being prepared means researching the company and the industry, and in this digital age, there is no justification for arriving to an interview unprepared – everything you need to know is at the click of a button.

The internet makes it simple to research an average salary for your position and experience level, which will allow you to prepare an answer for when the question of money arises.

Do not turn up late – obvious you might think, but without the right preparation this could be a devastating reality. Set your alarm, check the traffic prior to leaving, find out about parking, and arrive within good time.


  • Be Pro-active –

When searching for a job, do not wait for the job to come to you. You need to be pro-active in your job search. A productive job search is a part-time job in itself, where you need to make a daily plan and stick to it in order to increase your chances of finding work. A good tip is to make a list of the top companies or jobs you want, and figure out how to get them.

Following up is something that job seekers often feel worried or embarrassed to do, however this is an infallible way to get an answer quicker, and to show that you are really interested in the role.


  • Seek professional help –

People often don’t have much practice at job searching. A solitary job search can be a very difficult, confidence-destroying experience, and it limits your methods and reach to what and who you know yourself.  Times may have changed since your last interview, and it could be time to get support in your job search. Outsourcing an executive search could accommodate your wishes being achieved, with innovative new thinking and ways of doing things.



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